i I have been receiving electrolysis treatment from Hazel, and I have not looked back. I feel confident with the way I look and feel within myself. I had a lot of unwanted facial hair I wanted to get rid of, I tried other hair removal methods including IPL and laser removal which were all VERY expensive and ineffective! since receivng electrolysis, Hazel has helped get rid of unwanted hair and I feel much happier.

Below is my journey in my own words.


I came across Hazel on the BIAE website (British Institute & Association of Electrolysis) as I was quite skeptical at first with everyone offering "permanent" hair removal services which truly never worked. I wanted to see someone reputable and genuine; and I saw that Hazel had many years of experience in this field.

After the initial consultation I had with Hazel, we discussed exactly what I wanted and planned on how to tackle this. We planned on treating the chin area first and then move on to the neck area.

I began getting 30 minute treatment on a weekly basis to see how it goes. My hair responded very well and within 4 months both the growth and thickness of the hair on my chin had reduced drastically! I was very pleased with the results. I then began seeing Hazel every fortnight which I did for 6 months.

Once my chin had completely cleared, with just a few odd hairs here and there, we then moved onto the neck. As the months went by, I realised my hair was becoming much finer and i didn't hardly notice any hair at all. My skin was looking great. No scaring or marks at all. As treatment went by, the hair on my neck was disappearing fast and so we decided to move onto my side burns and also upper lip.

I now see Hazel to treat a few odd hairs on my neck as it is now almost completely clear and am now treating my upper lip. I see  Hazel every 2 weeks and this suits me quite well as the hairs don't grow back as quickly as they used to.

Overall, I am very VERY happy with the results and regret not going to Hazel sooner! The results are amazing and I feel great in my appearance. Hazel is an expert in her field and shes an absolute genius, she looks after her clienys very well and I am very grateful to her.




Having suffered with syringoma for a number of years, I tried various procedures none of which worked. I found Hazel and following five treatments over a period of six months I am happy to say that the unsightly wart type spots have reduced significantly. Many of which have disappeared completely. No more self conscious episodes over the unsightly spots under my eyes.

Many thanks Hazel.



I can't thank Hazel enough she has restored my confidence after treatment for cholesterol deposits under my eyes. She made me feel totally at ease with the treatment and explained each step thoroughly and I am very pleased with the results.

Janet - treatment on xanthelasma


I am transsexual and need electrolysis to remove my facial hair. I was very nervous when I first met Hazel but she put me at my ease immediately. Electrolysis can sometimes be painful but Hazel does everything possible to minimise the pain and  as she promised , it has become much easier over time. Hazel is a superb electrolysist with over 22 years of experience. I was very worried about possible damage to my skin but thanks to Hazel's skill and experience I have experienced no problems at all. Just as importantly she is a wonderfully warm and understanding person and makes each session a pleasure to attend. I have now started  to receive other treatment from Hazel and her skill and professionalism in these areas is just as excellent. I cannot speak highly enough of Hazel, both as an electrolysist and a person.

Emma Manchester


I have been receiving electrolysis from Hazel for 15 months. As promised it has got easier and I now go for two hour sessions. The effect on my face has been dramatic. A large part of my face is already clear and the remaining hair grows much slower.I do not shave the days I see Hazel and no one seems to notice which is a great relief because I am now living full time as a woman.

I have suffered no scarring or damage to my face despite the amount of treatment I have had. I am so grateful to have found Hazel. Her professionalism and skill are second to none. She is a genuinely lovely person who is a pleasure to know. I would recommend her unreservedly.



 Hazel was visiting the college where I was teaching to perform practical demonstrations to beauty students.

I had an unsightly skin tag on my nose so I was happy to model for her during her teaching session.

I had been told by my doctor that the nurse could remove it, but it would be very painful and leave a scar,I did not feel confident to proceed. Hazel was highly recommended by the head of the beauty at Southport College, I felt confident to have the skin tag removed by her.

I was made very welcome by Hazel, her relaxed professional attitude put me at ease, her interaction with the student's was excellent. Hazel explained exactly what she was going to do at every stage. I felt nothing but a slight tingle during the removal, and a slight sting at the last point of the treatment.

I have no scar at all, perfect result. I could not recommend her, or thank her enough, excellent teaching and practical skills.

Brenda Southport


"I had in the excess of 20 skin tags around my eyes.

Hazel treated these over 3 separate sessions.

I had been to the doctor who said they could not be treated without leaving scarring.

The treatment was fairly painless, with no scarring I am delighted with the results.

My eyes use to get sore & irritate, now without the skin tags that does not happen.

I would recommend this treatment to any one the results are amazing".

Darren.  Leigh


"I went for a consultation with Hazel for some broken capillaries around my nose & a few milia on my eyelids.

I was given an excellent consultation on treatment & aftercare.

The treatment was quick & painless, very reasonable.

I found the whole experience very professional & I was extremely happy with the results".

Ann.   Eccles




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