Hazel's Testimonials

Really pleased I saw hazel for my skin tag consultation and removal.

Hazel is lovely and provides a professional and calming experience.

She explained the procedure in detail so I knew what to expect and checked I was okay throughout.

It's only been a few days since my visit but I'm very happy with the results and will definitely book in again if I need anymore removing.




Highly recommend , I went to see Hazel as I had a large Milia on my lash line. I was quoted £750 for removal elsewhere! 

After a consultation I was told it could possibly take 2 appointments to completely remove it. After 1 session I am amazed as it has gone, and the price was a fantastic at only £35! 

Very professional and a lovely lady.




Over the last 20 years I'd tried all sorts of treatments to get rid of my facial hair. Shaving and plucking daily, or even twice a day sometimes, made my skin sore and took up so much of my time. Laser hair removal didn't make any difference. It was so depressing. Then I discovered Hazel. From my first consultation,I knew I was lucky finding such an experienced electrolysis specialist.

I started with an hour treatment per week at the beginning, then reducing  to 45 minutes, 30 minutes and then 15 minutes. On Hazel's advice, I moved to a two-weekly treatment regime for half an hour and now my appointments are every three weeks.

Electrolysis takes commitment, time and patience. I followed Hazel's advice, didn't skip appointments, didn't mess with the hairs between treatments and stuck to the aftercare regime. The reward has been seeing my facial hair disappear. I'd suffered for years and the treatment takes time but, for me, the benefits are huge. My experience is totally positive and I'd thoroughly recommend Hazel.

With Hazel as your electrolysis specialist, you'll find a whole new you.



I had a large number of skin tags under my arms and on my neck for a few years.Some had grown quite large and would often become sore and irritated. I tried a number of ways to remove them including tying off, cream treatments and cider vinegar. I also explored NHS treatment (not something they could offer me) or private hospital treatment (too expensive, given the number I had). I had resigned myself to living with them.

However, by chance I spotted Hazel's website and made an initial appointment. Hazel was able to remove my skin tags using electrolysis within 4 visits. Working on different areas each time. The results are amazing. Hazel was professional and extremely personable throughout. I just wish I had known about this form of treatment years ago.

Thank you Hazel.



I have had two moles reduced with Hazel, and I am thrilled with the results, can't tell I had moles! Confidence is boosted feeling good. Hazel explained the process in detail and puts you right at ease. Its just a little sting not painful at all and within a week it had healed.



I have been receiving electrolysis from Hazel for 15 months. As promised it has got easier and I now go for two hour sessions.

The effect on my face is dramatic. A large part of my face is already clear and the remaining hair grows much slower. I do not shave on the days I see Hazel and no seems to notice which is a great relief because I am  now  living full time as a woman.

I have suffered no scarring or damage to my face despite the amount of treatment I have had. I am so grateful to have found Hazel. her professionalism and skill is second to none. She is a genuinely lovely person who is a pleasure to know. I would definitely recommend her. 



Having suffered with Syringioma for a number of years. I tried various procedures none of which worked. I found Hazel and following 5 treatments over a period of six months I am happy to say that the unsightly wart type spots have reduced significantly. Many of which have disappeared completely. No more self conscious episodes over the unsightly spots under my eyes!

Many thanks Hazel.



For the past 12 years, I have been regularly tweezing my face, when out of desperation I looked up electrolysis on the internet.

I then started treatments at Skin Deep, where it was clearly explained to me by Hazel, that electrolysis is the only proven permanent hair removal method available.

To see the process through to completion demands 100% commitment. It's crucial that treatments are continued at specific intervals throughout.

Sadly after all these years, there is still no quick fix or cheap solution, but electrolysis does eventually work for everyone. It is the only treatment that has proved to work on me.



On recommendation from my friend I attended Hazel's Clinic as I had developed an age spot on my cheek, which to me, was very noticeable even with make-up on. It had really been  bothering me so I was really happy to learn from my friend that it could be removed if it was found suitable for the procedure.

In the initial consultation Hazel explained everything to me from explaining how she checks it was suitable to be removed and the actual procedure. I was delighted when she confirmed I could go ahead. Hazel really made me feel at ease about everything and was very thorough about  the immediate after care and about how to look after my skin going forward to help prevent any further damage. The procedure itself was mildly painful and caused some discomfort for the first 5/7 days.

Even though the full healing process can take 12 to 18 months the initial healing process didn't take very long at all and I was extremely happy with the results, so much so I returned to have a few more areas treated. I plan to return to have some last small areas done. I feel it has given my face a more youthful look and boosted my confidence. I would recommend Hazel and the treatment to anyone, you wouldn't be disappointed.



Looking as good as I could for my daughters wedding, meant that I had to do something about the large amount of brown and self coloured skin tags and plane warts, I had on both sides of my neck and around the collar area and shoulders.Over a few sessions Hazel was able to clear over 50 of the lesions. Slight skin redness lasted about 3 days per session to be replaced by small scabs. With twice daily application of Witch Hazel then followed by Aloe Vera, I found my skin recovery time was about 7 days per session. It seemed that in no time my neck was cleared and with minimal soreness.

Not only did I look and feel 'normal' again, the permanently  'embarrassed' feeling had gone and my confidence in looking and talking to people had returned.

The best Mother of the bride outfit ever.



After less than a year of treatment I am so glad of the results. I went for electrolysis. Hazel is kind and efficient. Clinic is clean and tidy. I can't recommend her enough!


I have attended twice, so far, at Skin Deep Electrolysis Clinic for treatment. Hazel obviously has many years experience as a professional, which is evident from her friendly comforting manner and how she manages her practice. I felt at ease throughout my treatment and was kept informed at every stage, including the importance of aftercare. 
The clinic is clean and well kept. Hazel's professionalism left me feeling confident in the treatment which was to remove skin tags on my eyelid and a facial age spot.


I'd spent so many years googling hair removal and electrolysis, wanting it, but being too scared to take the plunge. Worrying about where I would get it done and what if I bumped into someone I know.

I eventually found Hazel after looking at her experience, reviews and qualifications which was a big part of why I chose her and I made contact.
The wait was long, however she informed me that she had been doing one to one  training with James and there was some availability if I wanted to start my sessions with him.

I decided that given it was her business that she'd built up and her reputation that she wouldn't have suggested him if she didn't trust him so I went for the consultation.

I need not have worried, James was lovely. He made me feel at ease. He explained the process to me. Went through a skin test session and health questions, after care etc. He is very professional yet personable at the same time. 

The clinic itself is very private so you don't feel self concious about bumping into people.

The results so far have been great. I've followed the after care recommended by James and have had no skin problems or problems with scarring. 
The hairs have all more or less gone. Thick hairs I used to have have stopped coming back. I feel so less self concious now. 

I wish I'd done it years ago. I genuinely went into having this treatment looking into getting the right person to do it. 
It turns out that was James. I have continued all my treatment with James and will carry on completing my treatment with him as I trust his abilities to do his job well an I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. 




I travel nearly thirty miles each way for my electrolysis treatment with James and it is most definitely worth the trip. I have been having facial electrolysis treatment for 9 months, he is very professional, extremely personable and takes care, at all times, to ensure my comfort. My facial hair is both very fair and fine, I have previously had laser treatment, this was expensive and did not work. After electrolysis with James, I am now seeing a huge improvement,  in those areas treated.  This is due to James’s skill and diligence, he works extremely carefully, is always able to answer my questions and gives sound advice on after care. The clinic is very welcoming, clean, and calm, the ambience aiding relaxation, I can recommend James and the Skin Deep Electrolysis Clinic without any hesitation.




Starting Electrolysis with James has been the best decision I've made in a long time. I suffer with terrible anxiety and from my first consultation he has made me feel unbelievably comfortable. Extremely professional, friendly and knowledgable. He answers all my questions and always informs me of what he's doing. I look forward to appointments with him, simply, he is amazing. I've had 12 appointments with him, and the progress he has made with the hair reduction is amazing, he works quickly but ensures you are comfortable the entire time, I can't recommend him enough.




James is so welcoming and warm. I have spent years plucking and hiding the hairs on my face. I have red hairs so laser has never been an option for me. I was so very embarrassed about showing my face to anyone but James honestly puts me at ease and I actually feel ok about leaving my hairs without trimming in between treatments.

My hair growth has reduced massively and I feel so much more confident since starting treatments 12 weeks ago. I would not have been able to have treatment in the first place if James hadn't been so welcoming and kind to me. The clinic is lovely and clean and the whole procedure is normalised by professional lovely treatment. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about treatments to go ahead with confidence.




I have been coming to James for 10 months now and am very happy with the results. I have found James to be patient and caring, quickly putting me at ease. James delivers a thorough and professional service in an extremely clean environment. Would highly recommend James.




I have now had around 10 treatments with James and the effect on the facial hair on my chin and cheeks is very positive.

James is a lovely person who puts me at ease and has a calm and professional approach to the treatments. The clinic is easy to access and very clean and comfortable.

I wish I had started treatment years ago rather than keep putting it off! No more daily plucking!




I have had a few electrolysis sessions on the body with James and he is lovely, very kind and diligent. Always a delight and very professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone as he really has a way of making you feel at ease. It is evident that he aims to do his best, which will make anyone feel very comfortable that they are in safe hands.




james is very professional, friendly and calm, which makes me feel at ease. I've had a few body sessions with him and I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting Electrolysis. Thank you James.




I feel so happy that I found James. I started treatment in March for some electrolysis hair removal, on my upper lip and eyebrows. I was a little apprehensive at first as you hear horror stories, but from my very first initial meeting with James I felt at ease. He is very professional and caring.

At the consultation he explained exactly what was going to happen It was a very detailed consultation with a lot of information.

As he predicted the hair started to thin out very quickly and I could see the results of the treatment working. My skin is very smooth and there is no indication I had any treatment. If you are thinking pf getting electrolysis, I can definitely recommend James.




I have had several sessions of electrolysis with James. I was very nervous before the first treatment but James quickly put me at ease. I was very impressed with his professional attitude during both the consultation and the treatment. He clearly explained to me what the course of treatment would involve. Despite my nervousness the session was excellent and I was delighted with the results.

James is a very talented and skillful electrolysist. He is also a warm and lovely person with a great personality.

I am a trans woman and facial hair is a big problem that seriously affects my ability to live a normal life. He makes every treatment so easy and I can already see a big reduction in my facial hair.

I am very pleased that I chose to have electrolysis with him, I would recommend him unreservedly.



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